At Synthesis Chiropractic, we believe chiropractic care and RMT, in partnership with active rehabilitation is the best way to overcome the limitations placed upon you by your pain.

We give you the knowledge and tools to prepare you for a lifetime of overcoming the injuries and conditions that are currently ailing you, as well as those that are likely to apply to you in the future.  Whether the problems be due to your posture, your hobbies,  or your sports, we can help you stop dysfunction before it stops you.

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You deserve a treatment plan that gets you back to enjoying the things you love while laying a foundation for your healthy, active lifestyle.

Too often people settle for misdiagnosis and poor treatment.

To return to optimal function, your body needs to fully heal.  To achieve this, 

  • Comprehensive diagnosis
  • Treatment specific to you, and your problem(s)
  • Directed exercise to strengthen your body to reduce the likelihood of re-injury and increase confidence.

It takes a blended approach to get the best results.

Benefits Of Synthesis Integrated Health Group's Care

Everyone Deserves To Be Active
Variety of Therapeutic Techniques

Variety of Therapeutic Techniques

We provide manual therapies to reduce pain and increase function
Supervised Exercise Programs

Supervised Exercise Programs

We provide directed and supervised exercise programs to increase patient's strength to reduce painful compensations.
Customized Care

Customized Care

We will come up with a tailored plan specific to the patient with their best outcomes as our top priority.

About Synthesis Integrated Health Group

Synthesis Integrated Health Group is based on the principle that pain can be overcome with a three-point plan. 

We first determine the root cause of the pain or problem through a full examination. 

We then increase our patients' functional potential through chiropractic and/or massage therapy. 

We then increase the strength and durability of the body through professionally developed and coached exercise.  Our goal is to have you stronger and healthier than ever.

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Dr. Mike understands that pain and injuries keep people from living their best, most fulfilling lives.

Dr. Mike graduated from UBC and studied chiropractic at Life West.

He is a successful powerlifter who has competed internationally. Dr. Mike loves the Lower Mainland culture and all the lifestyle perks it affords. He enjoys golf and is always working to improve his score. 

He loves to treat people who are serious about making a full recovery from an injury. If you feel like you've lost because of a devastating injury, you need to see Dr. Mike get the treatment, care and results you need.

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Wondering if chiropractic care is right for you?

Watch this video to learn about how chiropractic care can help you get moving again.

"The staff here are very welcoming!

Dr. Mike is knowledgeable and uses a variety of skills/techniques to help me with various injuries from lifting. It’s nice to have a clinic that understands the mind of a lifter, the staff will never tell you to stop lifting here they just work to make it possible!"

-Brooke M.

"Dr. Mike is great.

He is very knowledgeable. He is well verse if you need a tune-up from your day-to-day activities or if you are an athlete training for an event. I've been seeing him for quite some time and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a good tune-up or looking to be readjusted for optimal performance."

-Patrick C.

From living in fear of pain and injury to going back to fearlessly enjoying their favourite activities.

This is our simple process.
Request An Appointment

Request An Appointment

Book online, phone or email the office and we will book a time that works for you.
Understand and overcome your body's limits

Understand and overcome your body's limits

Receive chiropractic care and exercises that have a real impact.
Start Seeing Results

Start Seeing Results

You’ll feel better doing the things you love again.

Pain and injury avoidance will keep you from the hobbies that make you who you are. Without those hobbies, we can lose ourselves and our identity.

Don't Miss Out On This Opportunity To Take Back Control Of Your Health

Request an appointment with our team so that you get back to enjoying what you love doing.

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